Welcome to my Blog! I’ve been trying to get a technical blog going for a few years now. I just put the time together to build it up. So a quick about me

  • I grew in Chattanooga,TN. I now live in Nashville,TN
  • I grew up loving music. I've played Piano,Guitar,Clarinet,and alto Saxophone. Though I have not really play any of those instruments in years
  • I am huge Pro Wrestling nerd. I will probably drop wrestling references, and I am not sorry.
  • I studied Electrical Engineering in college, but went in more of an IT direction.
  • My plan on this blog is to focus on technical aspects of VMware (mainly vSphere and Horizon). Amazon Web Services, and a little bit of web technically. I current earned my VMWare VCP, and one day hope to earn a AWS System Architect certification.

    You can expect me to drop a few quick tips and tricks from time to time. As well as more detailed post about my home labbing.

    I am on twitter and email. You can find links for those on the bottom of the page. Feel free to shoot me over a message.

    That is about all for now. Thanks for visiting.