This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend the VMUG User/Con Nashville. The event commenced with an opening speech by Amanda Blevins, VP & CTO Americas at VMware, gave a presenations titled “ There’s No Substitute for Hard Work”.

Following this impactful morning keynote, the program featured several diverse breakout sessions, encompassing topics ranging from Kubernetes to vSphere. Amid these sessions, I had the chance to reconnect with colleagues and establish new connections. Additionally, I enjoyed some delectable tacos and had the privilege of listening to a presentation by Steve Athanas. While at UMASS Lowell he had experienced a Cyber Attack in 2021. He highlighted the importance of disaster recovery preparedness and discussed the common lack of readiness among many individuals.

The day continued with a few more informative sessions, ultimately concluding with a pleasant happy hour. This provided a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with college acquaintances, make new connections, and gain further insights into the various aspects of the VMware community.


Morning Keynote: Amanda Blevins, VP and CTO, Americas, VMware

Steve Athanas - Associate CIO, System … University of Massachusetts Lowell

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