Just a heads up. The latest version of ESXi ARM fling has been released, version number 1.3. It has the following improvements.
-Improved hardware compatibility (various bug fixes/enhancements)
-Add support for Experimental Ampere Altra (single socket systems only) (please see Requirements for more details)
-ACPI support for virtual machines
-NVMe and PVSCSI boot support in vEFI
-Workaround for ISO boot on some Arm servers
-Address VMM crash with newer guest OSes and Neoverse N1-based systems
-Improved guest interrupt controller virtualization
-Improved (skeletal) PMU virtualization
-Improved big endian VM support

Remember upgrade is not possible, you will have to do a fresh install of ESXi on ARM.
I have yet to upgrade my lab. I hope to do it in the next few days. I’ll be sure to post here or on my Twitter @VirtualAndrewC

ESXi ARM Fling Available Here